Josefine Königsson
Josefine Königsson
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Yennenga Progress

yennenga progress


Yennenga Progress is an NGO that is helping build a micro welfare society in the village Nakamtenga in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  This concept, The good village, includes systems for basic human rights such as education, health and infrastructure. Yennenga Progress wants to set a foundation for education to help set this ecosystem in motion. They need God Parents to join their cause and donate their money.

The brief

Our brief was to create a graphic explainer video on what the organisation does and how to become a god parent for “The Good Village”.  

The Concept

Create a video built on storytelling techniques, aimed towards a family driven target group, with the focus on Yennenga Progress values: Empowerment, Compassion and You can make a difference. We chose to work with a simplistic style to give more focus on the storytelling.

Role: 2D animator

Illustration: Illustrator

Animation: After Effects

The whole video is animated by me and one other team mate.